24h with Android P, too good to be true

24h with Android P, too good to be true

Developer Preview 1 . The name of Android P already indicates that we should not install it on our personal phones . This is a sketch of what will be the ninth version of Android, which does not even have the final APIs, and that should have numerous errors, inconsistencies and bugs everywhere.

Like any other member of the tech community, I did not even consider installing this version on my main mobile . My colleague Christian Collado tells me that Android P is surprisingly stable to be a preview , and as I have blind faith in him, I decide to install it. It’s been exactly 24 hours since I installed Android P on my Pixel 2 XL , and the experience is … Better stay until I tell you.

A preview that goes through stable version

24h with Android P, too good to be true

Make no mistake, Android P has a long way to go, there are things that are just traces of what will end up being, and you can see that it is incomplete , but, what the hell, it’s a fully usable preview on a daily basis! In my personal case, I’m a performance obsessed , I do not tolerate the slightest lag or slowdown -that is why I will never be able to use certain brands that many people like-, and at the minimum that a ROM gives a failure, or I return the phone, or change it.

Developer Preview 1 of Android P is a sketch so that developers can start working. He has a lot of work to do but, against all odds, it is fully usable on a day-to-day basis.

With all this demand, Android P has been able to meet all my needs in the short time I have with him , and that is basically, it’s as if they had slightly themed my Android Oreo ROM. Absolutely all my applications work, I am surprised that the apps of the bank, and some other “rare” app that I have out there do not give the slightest problem. From what I have read, the first Google Pixel are having some slowdown problems, but in this second version of Google’s top of the range, everything works fine.

24h with Android P, too good to be true

The first thing that stands out is the new notification system. The display of the conversation in the notification banner is already visible in applications like WhatsApp, although it is noted that all this is still a sketch, and is a totally incomplete section.

The menus of adjustments have also been redesigned, for good according to my taste, although there is still a lot of work. The storage of photographs in HEIF format is not yet enabled , something that will allow us to save a considerable amount of gigas. Since all the APIs are not available, it is not fair to evaluate all the improvements that Google plans to do with respect to performance and optimization, but if the preview works as smoothly as Android Oreo, imagine the final version .

24h with Android P, too good to be true

As for autonomy, it was expected a brutal drop in the performance of it, but it has not been. This first cycle I got my 6h of rigorous screen, with about 25/30% remaining battery . It does not improve or get worse, although I am convinced that the final version will bring great improvements in terms of resting consumption.

The DP1 of Android P is a ROM stable enough to be used on a day-to-day basis. There are no lag, forced closures or inconsistencies. It is noticeable at all times that it is an unfinished version, but it allows us to enjoy the news that Google is working on.

In short, and against all odds, I recommend installing this preview on your Google Pixel 2 , as long as you do a factory re-establishment after doing it **. It is fully usable, the applications work properly, the battery stays in good durations, and you will enjoy some of the benefits of Android 9 before anyone else.

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