23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

that long ago placed Samsung in a solid sixth position . Just behind Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple. And no wonder, Samsung is now on the crest of the wave, in fact, in 2018 , with a turnover that is measured in thousands of billions of dollars .

In its 80 years of history Samsung has left a whole series of curious stories that, believe me, it is worth compiling and commenting , get ready because the list starts!

23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

1- Founded in 1938, it currently has more than 400,000 direct and indirect employees and is present in more than 80 countries .

2- Samsung started as a small company dedicated (eye) to the import and export of food . Unlike the classic technology start-ups that start in a garage with limited means,

3- Before starting its electronic division in 1969, Samsung brought together construction companies , textile manufacturers and even sugar refineries in its conglomerate.

4- Samsung did not “take off” in electronics until the 1970s, when it sold more than 10 million TV sets in South Korea alone.

23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

5- Between 1992 and 2000, Samsung came to have

6- There is a kind of South Korean Nobel Prizes , the

7 – In its 80 years of history, the Samsung logo has only changed three times: in the late 60s, during the 80s, and finally, in 1993, when the logo that the brand uses today was established.

23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

8- Until 1993 the logo conserved three stars , which allude to the original meaning of Samsung in Korean: “three stars”.

9 – In 2005

10 – Samsung came to develop

11- Samsung is one of the world’s leading companies that invests in marketing and advertising . In fact, in 2014, it is estimated that he spent more money on advertising than the

12- Samsung gave all the athletes of the ** 2018 Winter Olympics ** a .

13- In 2003 Samsung launched the Samsung SPH-N270 , a mobile phone inspired by the terminal that was used

17- Ah! And with that same terminal and at the same moment this tweet was also sent :

the” suicide rate committed from that bridge fell by> .

20- One of the many divisions of Samsung is dedicated to the development and manufacture of security systems and weapons , and among the products that came to see the light is an automatic machine gun that shoots autonomously, that is, without anyone drive It” currently on the border between south korea and north> .

21- That same division of security systems and weapons, Samsung Techwin, was acquired in 2015 as a subsidiary by the giant Korean group Hanwha. Before that, Samsung had its own helicopters and .

23 curiosities about Samsung, its history and its products

22- The song that Samsung washing machines reproduce at the end of their washing program is based on a Schubert’s composition known as Die Forelle .


Lee, who was severely upset by the operation of Samsung’s latest wireless phone, gathered the 2,000 workers from the plant in a nearby field and there they piled up all the inventory of products they had stored: fax machines, telephones, televisions … Electronic material ready to sell worth about 50 million dollars . Then the group of trusted men of the president set fire to him completely destroying the work of the Gumi plant. The lesson? Quality comes first, quality is my pride .

Remember, yes, it is just a rumor, something is the last item on the list.

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