2018’s worst 3 crypto fiasco

2018 has not been very good for crypto units until now. As the market lost value, interest in Bitcoin gradually decreased. However, they would say, there are 3 events in the first quarter that are not going to be erased from memory.

3- Bitconnect

Bitconnect stopped its “lending” program in January, promising daily dividends to BCC owners, one of the most controversial projects in the crypto money world. The price dropped more than 90% immediately and continues to fall. BCC is now running at less than 99% of the level before the program is stopped.

2018's worst 3 crypto fiasco

The team behind the Bitconect and the big supporters of the pom-pom are now faced with various incidents.

2- Waltconchain PR fiasco

A person managing a Waltonchain Twitter account forgot to change the accounts while announcing that the WTC was a Winner’s Day campaign, and threw the tweet from his Twitter account over Waltonchain’s official account. The resulting landscape was hollow. The effects of the scandal were great. The price of the WTC fell more than 20 percent after the tweet, and continued to fall for several days.

2018's worst 3 crypto fiasco

1- BitGrail

BitGrail, one of the leading stock exchanges in the nano trade, was hacked in October 2017 and claimed 17 million Nano, according to the Borsan claim. When the hack news came out, the Nano price dropped more than 50 percent. Besides, the investors who kept the Nano on BitGrail saw that all their investments were gone in a night. After the incident, the stock market also went bankrupt and closed.

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