15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

From the beginning of time, smartphones have been leading the shortest lifetimes of all the electronic devices we use every day, and the truth is that they always hover over them the shadow of a programmed obsolescence that almost nobody dares to deny anymore.

Surely there will be many reasons that have led us to these brief periods of renewal, since the huge evolution that have been suffering the successive generations of smartphones creating new needs and forcing the change from year to year, until the problems with your batteries , normally recharged almost daily, passing through breakage or falls of a device that we always carry over or other equally convincing reasons.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

Be that as it may, many users andbegin to consider, now that the generational leaps are not so high, why a phone should not last beyond two years , without the need for it to be an off-road vehicle oran intense and / or carefree in all situations.

So, with eagerness to lend a hand and throwing us hand of a sea of ​​wisdom as, here we bring you the 15 best tips and habits that will help you keep your smartphone , looking to extend its useful life to the maximum, or at least as much as possible.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

The 15 tips and habits for your brand new Android smartphone to last more than 2 years

1.- Use a case

It sounds like a truism but it is not so much, and in fact it is the best advice that anyone can give you to keep a phone intact for longer. There are many types, so use the one you want but use one, because a device you have in your hand for so long is likely to fall or hit at some point.

2.- Although it is water resistant, do not wet it too much

At this point many of you will already have smartphones with IP6x certification, but be careful because it does not mean that your phone can get wet at your discretion. If one day you have to clean it with water do it, the same if you are going to use it in the rain, but do not submerge it for no reason because you will almost certainly shorten its useful life.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

3.- Do not expose your smartphone to high temperatures

As a general rule, the colder your phone is, the better. Your lithium battery will lose efficiency if subjected to high temperatures, and all electronic components suffer more as they get hotter. In a day of sun to lead, of those that even the phone burns, better not use it.

4.- Keep the battery level between 20 and 80 percent

To safeguard the integrity of your battery, it is best not to discharge it completely or to always charge it 100%. In fact, the phones arrive from the factory with around 40% of charge, their optimum level to keep it stable, and the ideal is to always carry it between 20 and 80 percent.

5.- Do not use the device while charging

Charging the device increases its temperature, and use it while charging it goes up even more. If we know that the temperature is the biggest enemy of your battery, it is best not to use the phone while it is charging.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

6.- Turn off connections that you do not use

If you’re not going to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS at any given time, it’s best to keep them off. Your phone will spend less battery and resources, and it will remain in stand-by for more time, which helps protect it.

7.- Disable automatic synchronization for services that you do not need

The automatic synchronization of data in the background is one of the functions that consumes more resources in your device, both in processing time and in connection to the data network. If you do not need an app to stay always alert, disable its automatic synchronization.

8.- Do not install applications but you will use them, and do not save many files

We already know that solid memories are very robust and stable, but they have a limited lifetime due to time of use and reading / writing cycles. So, make sure not to save too many files or always occupy the memory almost to the top, save the data on a PC, and if an app you have not used in the last 3 months, you may not need it installed …

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

9.- Do not use apps to clean the smartphone

These applications consume resources, slow down the smartphone and generally get pretty bad with the native Android resource manager. Do not use them, it is not necessary because Android already has a manager, and if you need to free space in memory, it is best if you spend half an hour eliminating what you do not need.

10.- Do not use ‘Task killers’ or apps to close processes

Extensible to the applications that clean your smartphone we can talk about the ‘Task killers’ , those apps that are dedicated to kill applications and processes without order or consensus with the native manager of Android, multiplying the spending on resources to reopen the apps that have been closed … If you can avoid this type of apps, do it.

11.- Do not close your applications continuously

If an app is going to be used every ten minutes, it’s best if you keep it loaded in memory. The Android manager will keep it in a state ‘Idle’ , inactive, but you will not need to fully charge it when you open it again, saving resources and energy as well as operating much more smoothly.

12.- Use a launcher lightweight and do not set too many ‘widgets’

We know that Android is customizable to the millimeter, but if your desktop is too heavy the phone will slow down and heat more when you need more capacity to load it. If possible, use launchers Lightweight and well optimized as Nova Launcher, and do not set too many ‘widgets’ on your desktop or load them will waste more resources and energy.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

13.- Install fewer social network applications

It is one of the most widespread uses of a smartphone, but social network applications are vampires of resources and energy because they require to keep activated the automatic synchronization in the background that we mentioned before. If you want your battery to last longer, yes, uninstall Facebook and use the mobile browser version …

14.- Keep your system updated

The firmware updates that manufacturers and operators send to your phone improve their security and add useful functions in addition to increasing system optimization, so do not hesitate to install them. If once the system is updated you see that it does not work completely fluid, you can.

15.- Update your applications also

For the same reason, it is ideal to maintain the updated applications from Google Play Store, because surely new versions are more optimized and consume less amount of resources in addition to the improvements implemented.

15 tips to make your new smartphone last more than 2 years

How do you take care of your phones?

Most likely, many of the tips that you have seen already knew them, and surely also most of you are not willing to be so “maniac” with the use of your smartphone just to extend your life a few months … Who does not like to release a smartphone?

Anyway, surely any of the tips will help you , so we expect comments and feedback of those habits that you follow and you miss in the list, or if you want, we can also debate about those that you think are a supreme nonsense. What do you do to take care of your phones?



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