The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

You have an iPhone and you want to play some games. You may not want to immerse yourself in the App Store, it’s a jungle, full of deadly spiders, wild animals and bad games. Here, let us help you.

Next, we list the 12 games that we consider to be an excellent starting point for iPhone games.

#1. Hitman Go

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]Hitman games are famous for their open sandboxes. In the best case, they let you crawl through a party or a museum, find your goal and get them out creatively. Hitman GO … he really does not do that. What it does do, however, is offer a handful of clever and well-designed riddles that gradually become more complicated as you go, but which are never too complicated to end up in the space of a single bus ride. With its abstract violence and aesthetics of board games, it may not look too much like a Hitman game, but it manages to capture the meticulous and satisfying nature of the series.

A good match for: Hitman fans, puzzle fanatics, people who like to imagine what it means when one piece of the board game “murders” another piece of the board game.

It is not a good match for: Those looking for a real portable Hitman game.

#2. Super Mario Run

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]In Super Mario Run , Mario runs on his own. Your main job is to touch the screen to jump, what you will have to do to help you collect the hundreds of coins scattered by each level. That may sound simple, but Nintendo’s creative designers have added a healthy amount of depth to that basic formula. There are touch-pads that stop Mario in their tracks, multiple paths for each target, and each level can be played several times with increasingly complex coin configurations. The more you put in Super Mario Run , more you will get from him.

A good match for: Mario enthusiasts, fans of touch platforms like Rayman Run, those who like to reproduce levels and perfect them.

It is not a good match for: anyone looking for a Mario game with traditional controls, people who just want to spend a dollar or two on phone games, anyone who sees themselves blowing through each level once and never playing them again. In addition, anyone who plays a lot in airplanes or underground: Super Mario Run requires a data connection to work.

#3. The Witness

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

You are alone on an island, surrounded by puzzles. That’s The Witness , an extremely complicated game that is really very simple. Some of the riddles are obvious: they are on screens right in front of you, stacked in neat rows. Other riddles are much less easy to find. All of them will block and confuse you, but with time you will gradually dismantle them until the grand design of the game is arranged in front of you as the operation of a finely designed clock. Some games make you level up your character to access new areas; This makes you level up yourself. There are few more satisfying feelings in the game than when you finally realize the solution to a riddle in The Witness . With one click, a new door opens. The Witness transmits all its brilliance to mobile devices and works well on the fly.

A good match for: Puzzle fans, people who like a challenge, all who like Myst and want to see what modern evolution would be like.

It is not a good match for: Anyone who wants action, people who do not like games of wit and who simply do not like puzzles, usually look for the answers.

#4. 80 Days

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]By boat, by land, in airship, in a giant mechanized city with legs, do you have what it takes to do it … Around the world in 80 days? That is the question in the heart of 80 Days , a fantastic recreation of the famous novel by Jules Verne that presents you as Passepartout, servant of the gentleman Phileas Fogg. As a valet, you are responsible for packing your bags, negotiating in the markets and planning the itinerary of your trip around the world. Each trip will be different from the previous one, and thanks to the lively writing of the game and the frequent surprise detours, each trip will be very fun. 80 Days it captures the joy and melancholy of traveling with unusual ingenuity and humanity.

A good match for: people who like interactive stories, geography fans, travel fans.

It is not a good match for: anyone looking for a low-investment, pick-up / drop-off action game. In addition, those who hate to read, most of the 80 days is interactive fiction based on text.

#5. Legend of Grimrock

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

Legend of Grimrock goes back to the PC dungeon RPGs like Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master. You control a group of four adventurers who must escape from an almost inescapable dungeon. As you move through a series of rooms based on the grid, you will gradually build a map of the area, solve riddles and defeat the monsters, getting closer and closer to the exit. Legend of Grimrock Successfully channels the excitement of the old D & D campaigns and works wonderfully on a phone, allowing you to easily manage your party and navigate the labyrinth without losing a single step.

A good match for: old-school role-playing fans, anyone looking for a more complicated fantasy game to play on the fly.

It is not a good match for: those who look for an easy and casual game, or who do not like complex mechanics of role.

# 6 Threes

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

Threes is basically a game about kisses. And math Slide a group of small numbers around a mosaic panel, trying to get two similar numbers side by side. If you can do that, they will become friendly and combine to form a new and larger number. Keep moving, keep combining and your score will go up and up. Threes It is an immaculately designed game that wins even more for its aesthetics. Charming, musical and purely addictive, it will become your new obsession with the iPhone.

A good match for: People looking for a simple puzzle game to play on a daily trip, to anyone who likes to compete with their friends for high scores.

It is not a good match for: people who expect a deep story, those who prefer sub-standard clones .

# 7 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]Remember Magic: The Gathering? Sure you do it. The Blizzard card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft It is very similar, although simplified and easier to play … and much more addictive. Hearthstone started on PC, but it seemed destined for the app store, and boy, boy, fits perfectly. After one or two hours you will build your own custom platforms and challenge your friends and strangers to matches, either online or, if both have phones in the same room, in person. Each game ends in a matter of minutes, which facilitates their adaptation to their daily lives. And even if you’re tempted to start paying for random card reinforcement packages, you can get a lot of fun out of Hearthstone without paying a dime.

A good match for: fans of card games like Magic: The Gathering, people who like Blizzard games, anyone looking for a fun and free multiplayer online game for iPhone.

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It is not a good match for: the perfectionists of high level who do not want to pay more, the people who wait for an option offline. Hearthstone will do a good job matching you against random online players of a similar level, but if you want to build a deck full of rare and powerful cards, you will have to earn some money.

# 8 A dark room

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

You are in a cold, dark room. First, you light the fire. Then, you go out in search of wood. After that … well, things develop. To say more would be to spoil what makes it special to A Dark Room , but suffice to say: this game grows far beyond its humble origins, and the journey from here to there is exciting.

A good match for: fans of management games / RTS, to all who like a little mystery in their games.

It is not a good match for: anyone who wants avant-garde images or production values. A dark room is just text, without audio or visuals to distract you.

# 9. Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]

You would not think that a game that combines fishing and firearms would be a sublime mobile experience. Well, maybe you would think that … but anyway, if you think you’re right, you’re good for you. All about Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption It is as ridiculous and as great as the title suggests. You will be playing, fishing and shooting for many hours.

A good match for: Anyone who has ever been bored with fishing in the real world. Everything that is silent and waiting and the patience that usually comes with the old bait and line hobby is thrown overboard in Ridiculous Fishing. Thank God.

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It is not a good match for: those who want a game without inclination. You’ll look a little silly with all the twists and turns of your 21st century smartphone in search of crazy levels of fish death. But it’s worth it, for God’s sake.

# 10. Framed 2

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]Framed 2 replaces its predecessor Framed in this list for an obvious reason: it takes all the ideas from the original and expands them, generally with excellent results. The basic game is the same: you are watching a series of mysterious events inspired by the black style that are played from left to right as in an animated comic. However, it has the power to rearrange panels and cause events to develop differently. The puzzles begin in a simple but quickly become more complicated, which forces you to think creatively and rearrange and even turn panels on the fly so that each character passes through the scene safely. Framed 2 It makes a great combination with the original, despite being the strongest and most played game. Just play both.

A good match for: Puzzle fanatics, comic book fans, noir fools fans, Framed fans.

It is not a good match for: anyone looking for an involved story, people who prefer more action in their mobile games.

#eleven. Reigns

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]Reigns is Tinder, except you use it to rule a fantasy realm. People live and die in every blow, and so do you. In one play, you can close your borders and be killed by furious peasants. In the next, you can follow your dog to the forest and eat a strange mushroom. In the next, you can meet the devil. Reigns it’s a mobile experience where you can get a complete and satisfying story in a matter of minutes, while trying to solve a deeper mystery about why you keep reincarnating as different kings. In the process, you will die. A lot.

A good match for: fanatics of the ingenious writing, fanatics of the fantasy, powerful users of Tinder.

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It is not a good match for: Those looking for a more standard fantasy action rate, people who hate repetition, the powerful users of OKCupid.

# 12. Final Fantasy Tactics

The 12 best games for iPhone [Photos and videos]Easily one of the most famous video games of all time, Final Fantasy Tactics It feels like home on a mobile phone. It is an overwhelming saga, but the individual battles in turns are developed into manageable pieces, which makes it a fantastic game of displacement. The mobile port brings the dialog enhancements of the PSP version, but without any of the frame-rate problems. If you have not played this classic, it’s worth downloading. And even if he has done it, it is never a bad time to play it again.

A good match for: fans of games by turns or tactics, anyone who has loved the original and wants a good way to reproduce it.

It is not a good match for: those who prefer simple mobile games. FFT is a complex and challenging game that requires learning and mastering a lot of different skills, classes and strategies.


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