10% Bonus Offer at XWIN ICO


XWIN is one of the new players in the crypto gaming industry. The ICO campaign launched on January 1, 2018 to develop the platform has so far totaled $ 2.35 million in ETH and BTC.

The XWIN platform stands out with many advantages. Let’s take a look at these items.

Buying XWIN token is easy and profitable. Investors will join the XWIN ICO for a unique opportunity: to be one of the common owners of the world’s first crypto-based game dealer and to share 100% of the net revenue. In other words, in XWIN system, investors get maximum profit with minimum interaction.

Easy-to-access XWIN site. Another advantage of the XWIN platform is its ease of access to its users. Buying commissions is rather trivial, users have competitive advantages and the rights of members can not be transferred to someone else.

Precision. As in all ICOs, the infrastructure of XWIN ICO, of course, uses Ethereum smart contracts technology. Therefore, the investments made are safe. (Funds invested by investors are kept on a smart contract basis and managed entirely autonomously.)

The continuity of the platform. The ethereal blockchain based network brings stability to the platform. Control of investments is entirely user-friendly and it is possible to access 7/24/365 from anywhere in the world and from all devices. It is the highest level of information security and privacy.

Along with these unique advantages, XWIN takes a step forward as it is the safest platform of the market for acting. Let’s take a look at the elements that make the XWIN platform safe.

Transparency. Through the use of smart contracts running on the Ethereum network in the platform infrastructure, all winning prizes are automatically made, ensuring full transparency of profits and transactions. Often it is not the case that accounts are locked in the case of winning and arbitrage. Similarly, it is not possible to find a situation such as a decrease in the coefficients on the platform.

Security. The risk of embezzlement and the safety of funds are entirely the responsibility of the platform (players’ funds are kept on smart contract and managed autonomously). Thanks to Smart contracts there is no limit to the player’s access to the money.

Privacy. XWIN, an Ethereum blockchain-based platform, offers a simplified registration process for users and an opportunity to make cross-border transactions. There is no need for users to worry about the security and privacy of the information they provide.

Platform stability and stability. The Ethereum network completely eliminates infrastructure-related problems such as technical equipment problems and problems caused by interruption of access to the Internet. Here is the stability of the XWIN platform. The blockchain technology used on the platform gives players the chance to keep track of their transactions and to manage their accounts.


Investors living in the United States, Iran, North Korea, Syria and other countries where there are legal restrictions can not participate in the XWIN ICO. There is no objection to Turkish investors to participate ICO.

At the XWIN ICO, about two-and-a-half million dollars have been invested so far. It is possible to say that the investments are made from ETH and BTC type. At the XWIN ICO with an initial bonus of 20%, investors who join the ICO until January 23, 2018 are expecting a bonus of 10%, which should not be missed. In the ongoing process the bonus amount will drop to 5%. The token price near the end of the ICO will return to its normal value. The XWIN ICO will end on January 30, 2018.

Do not miss the XWIN ICO, which will attract player investors in particular, and the 10% bonus available for a short time. For more information about Platforma and ICO, you can check out the links below.

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